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Hi, I want to make online app, where user should be able to add poi , using openLayers. I am not a very advanced javascript programmer, and it would be very helpful if you will show a tutorial or example how to obtain the point's lng/lat and send to server for saving.

asked 18 Sep '11, 08:02

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OpenLayers have documentation and extensive examples on their web site. I figure you might find more help there then on a OpenStreetMap forum.

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answered 18 Sep '11, 09:12

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Gnonthgol ♦
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@Gnonthgol Hi, I couldnt find example where user adds a POI

(18 Sep '11, 14:54) Gevork

Maybe you could look at OpenStreetBugs. It provides a simple interface for people to click on the map to add bugs, with a description etc. The interface is using Javascript, based on OpenLayers. The source code is available, so you could look at that. See the OpenStreetBugs page on the OSM wiki for more technical details.

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answered 19 Sep '11, 00:01

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Maybe it could be an alternative to use the potlatch2 code and remove most of the features? If you can think of doing it in flash. This would solve you the user login and send to server part as well as the set poi-and-get-position-part.

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answered 18 Sep '11, 16:17

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@dieterdreist it seems good, but.. What I need a simple form where user will enter listing info and will put a point on map. Or to find given adress's long/lat on the server. Google Maps has very good database on that and maybe I will use their API for making POIs... Potlatch2 is too complicated....

(18 Sep '11, 18:01) Gevork

The idea was to reduce the potlatch functionality to what you need (add a poi, fill out a form), not to deploy a fully featured potlatch2 on your site.

(18 Sep '11, 20:53) dieterdreist

And, indeed, that's what USGS are doing - they have a cut-down version of Potlatch 2 with POI-only functionality. If you ask on the mailing list, they might be willing to share it with you.

(18 Sep '11, 23:15) Richard ♦

@Richard in google maps when you enter an adress , it's searching somewhere I don't know and gives back almost every address in Yerevan,Armenia, and showing it on map. Is there such a good functionality in Potlatch.???

(19 Sep '11, 07:42) Gevork

@Gevork JOSM has this functionality. Go to download, "area around a place" and search via Nominatim. Besides the functionality this requires the data though. If the address is not yet in OSM you won't find it there.

(19 Sep '11, 10:09) dieterdreist

@dieterdreist Thank you for your comment. I have just tried JOSM :))) NO secretary in this world will be able to enter POIs via it :))) Anyway thanks...

(19 Sep '11, 11:16) Gevork

Gevork: oh, now you say your problem is with the address search? OSM simply doesn't have that level of address data. If you need that, for now, your only option is to use Google or buy commercial data.

(19 Sep '11, 11:26) Richard ♦
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