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Hi there!

I've been mapping for a few years and now i would like to try rendering my own tiles, since none of the tiles out there really satisfy me; i will of course release the style as open source and make the tiles publicly accessible when done (i doubt anybody will ever be interested, but that's not the point).

By looking at osm2pgsql manual and documentation, looks like anyone is assuming that osm2pgsql and postgresql will be living in the same server. In my case, i need two separate servers because of hardware limitations.

Does anybody know how much bandwith will i need between osm2pgsql and postgresql?

Thank you

asked 12 Apr '21, 22:14

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Your question is a bit "how long is a piece of string", because without know what data you're loading, what tile style you're using and what usage of osm2pgsql you're actually asking about (Initial data load? Database updates?).

(12 Apr '21, 22:20) SomeoneElse ♦

At the moment, i am loading only a 1Gb test pbf file; i would like to be able to load the whole world someday, but it depends on system requirements in the end.

So, let's assume a 1Gb initial data load with default (carto) stylesheet as my "standard" example. How much bandwidth will it need approximately?

(12 Apr '21, 22:28) DaRkBoDoM

I cannot give you concrete numbers but it is usually not the bandwidth but the latency that will kill you. Nowadays you cannot even run a world-wide tile server on a server that has spinning hard disks, it is just too slow - you need SSD/NVMe disks and ideally local disks, not network drives. Running postgres on a separate physical machine with anything less than 10 GBit ethernet will certainly be painfully slow. Maybe if you can give us more information about the available hardware we can make a recommendation.

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answered 12 Apr '21, 23:19

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks! That's a close enough call. I had no idea on how many query and how intensive osm2pgsql is. My plan was to run the dbms through a 10Mbit internet link… looks like it is definitely not doable, even if i will be the only user.

(13 Apr '21, 11:05) DaRkBoDoM

It would "work" of course but you'd probably be sat there waiting 20 seconds for a tile to appear. Can you not install rendering software on the same machine that runs the DB?

(13 Apr '21, 11:38) Frederik Ramm ♦

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