Hi, how do you connect two areas in a department store that belong to one and the same shop, i.e. a shop that covers several floors and the floors differ in size/position (example: Wollworth in the Forum Mülheim, https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/51.42911/6.88598) or on the same floor a shop and a sales stand in the corridor (Cafe Venezia)?

Do I have to store them individually, or is it also possible with a relation?

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There's currently no standard way to model a shop with different dimensions on each floor in Simple Indoor Tagging. As you noticed, it only has a solution if the 2D extent of a feature is the same on all levels.

This is one of several topics where SIT is in need of some improvement. At the moment, there's not really a good solution I'm afraid. I guess you could try making up a relation linking together multiple areas, or stick to using a node.

The Cafe Venezia example, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be directly related to indoor mapping – it would be the same problem if it was outdoors. I can't judge the situation well enough from what's visible online, but maybe this could just be two features with the same operator.

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ok, thank you

(11 Apr, 10:58) MSmolarz
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I've seen that too, but that's only for features that span multiple levels with the same location and size, but in my case, it's one store across two levels, with different sizes, and one with two physically separate spaces on one floor.

(09 Apr, 13:06) MSmolarz
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