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There is a user who has been systematically changing what I post so that the information is not visible to viewers of www.openstreetmap.org and most other viewers of OSM data. Apparently, he is trying to get the data into a form that will render on his own version of OSM. For instance, for paths, he has been deleting anything I put into highway name tags.

asked 06 Apr '21, 13:54

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David Reik
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It would be helpful if you posted some of your and the other user's changesets so we can take a look for ourselves what might be the issue.

(06 Apr '21, 14:24) TZorn

For completeness, the DWG is aware of the this dispute. I believe that the questioner here would like to store all trail information in the "name" tag in OSM because the apps they use are not very functional and can't process information in tags other than "name", or relationship memberships.

The "trying to get the data into a form that will render on his own version of OSM" refers to ensuring that route relations are mapped as such, and that tags are used for appropriate way and relation values, rather than shoe-horning everything into "name".

Andy (from the DWG)

(09 Apr '21, 01:12) SomeoneElse ♦


first thing is changeset comments. Try to explain your point nicely, and maybe the user will revert his changes, or explain his reasons... If that doesn't work, you can then bring the matter here or on a mailing-list, with relevant details, such as the changeset involved, your efforts to communicate, etc. Then if that doesn't work either, you can bring the matter to the DWG.

About your example, paths seldom have names around here, I don't know for your place. They need to have signs to get the name tag IMHO. Route relations are used to describe hiking routes if necessary.

My 2 cents.


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answered 06 Apr '21, 15:37

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I find a handful of paths that have names, usually in towns. However much more common though is to add "usually muddy", "narrow and overgrown" type values that should be in the description tag.

(06 Apr '21, 21:50) LivingWithDr...
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