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I want to set up a site similar to OpenGeofiction. I currently manage a world called Coruia which is a world based in modern times. It has a wiki (but it is private) But no interactive map for me to showcase publicly. I have a local copy of the map stored on my computer if this helps.

The project will have the same features as OpenGeofiction.

If it is possible could I use WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to set it up as I am using Windows 10?

Thank you!

asked 04 Apr '21, 05:47

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If you lack the infrastructure and skills to set up and operate the software, as you say, then your question boils down to "is there a project like OpenGeoFiction run by someone else where I can upload my stuff", and the answer to that is, no. Help with setting up the rails port and a tile server will be useless if you have nothing to set it up on, and lack the skills to operate it going forward.

I do not know what format your private map is in. If it is in OpenStreetMap data format then you could potentially use a standalone OpenStreetMap rendering software like Maperitive to load your file, render it into a map, and save it as map tiles. You can then upload these map tiles to a web server and have them displayed with OpenLayers or Leaflet which would give you a slippy map that users can pan and zoom. You can modify the map style in Maperitive to fit your needs. You would have to use an offline editor like JOSM to make edits to your map, and collaborative editing (with more than one user) would be difficult in this scenario - but on the plus side, it requires neither rails port nor tile server, it can all be run on your local computer, even using a non-Linux operating system.

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