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I'm trying to map a multi zip code area, I have a list of over 700 zip codes that this area entails and I don't know its exact size and location so I want to highlight each of them individually and then see what I'm working with.

asked 01 Apr '21, 21:21

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This is for the united states

(01 Apr '21, 21:22) grap3s

There aren't any zip code borders in OSM. Zip codes are collections of addresses maintained by the post office and don't really have borders (the post office decides internally what zip code to assign an address to).

Census maintains areas created from their zip code data, but I don't really know where they publish it, is probably an OK place to start.

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answered 01 Apr '21, 21:32

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As I understand it, this is correct.

The USPS ZIP codes are apparently configured around the routes the mail is delivered so they might end up able to be represented by lines. But they can overlap and intermix in such a way that you can't accurately represent them with areas.

(01 Apr '21, 23:57) n76

It may be true for the US that zip codes are not mapped as borders but it is not true that there aren't any in OSM. boundary=postal_code is very established in some areas of the world.

(02 Apr '21, 19:26) TZorn

I was using 'zip code' to mean a US postal code, I hadn't realized other countries had adopted the nomenclature.

(03 Apr '21, 14:32) maxerickson

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