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I need help using PicLayer. I hava a LIDAR image that I want to use as a background for alignment. My problem is that when I activate the PicLayer layer I can no longer see the map to align with. What am I doing wrong?

asked 27 Mar '21, 07:51

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Hi, In the JOSM editor which I see you use, open the list of layers. (You may have tried this already.) Highlight/select a layer, while the cursor is in the layers box there's a button to "change visibility of selected layer", it looks like an eye. Click the eye and you have several options to alter the visibility of that layer, including to show it or turn it off completely.

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answered 27 Mar '21, 08:30

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Thanks - I'd not found the opacity control before. But even so, the map layer is barely visible if it's not active, even if it's the only visible layer. It there a way to brighten it up?

(27 Mar '21, 18:13) ceperman

In the layers window the data layer should be above the lidar image and activated by clicking on the left end of the data layer listing (green check).
Also under 'View > Map Paint Styles', it may help to choose both 'Josm default (Mapcss)' and 'Potlatch 2' to improve the data view.

(28 Mar '21, 00:09) nevw

The Potlatch style is indeed more visible, thanks. But I'm still not sure why I should need to do this.

(28 Mar '21, 09:17) ceperman

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