I try to customize my own carto style. I try to reduce building names in my city only to the most important ones. I've found in style/addressing.mss part:

    #building-text {

[zoom >= 14][way_pixels > 3000],
[zoom >= 17] {
text-name: "[name]";
text-face-name: @book-fonts;
text-fill: #444;
text-halo-radius: @standard-halo-radius;
text-halo-fill: @standard-halo-fill;
text-size: 11;
text-wrap-width: 22; // 2.0 em
text-line-spacing: -1.65; // -0.15 em
(I cannot format that properly)

And by manipulating that values I can see that building names change and it's fine. What I'm wondering can I use that styling only to some groups/tags? In example to use that style only for building: train_station and not use in example for building: commercial. Or Can I use that attribute for building: train_station or building: yes (I don't have another examples, just wondering if the OR is possible).

I tried to find this in carto documentation pdf, but I couldn't find anything which at least aimed me to the solution.

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I tested to add [building = 'train_station'] inside curly braces, but from Kosmtik I received some SQL exception with some SELECT query. Looked at that query I figured out that maybe building attribute is not selecting from DB, so I tried to use name like: [name = 'Dworzec PKP Gliwice'] and indeed only that building is labeled. But I'm looking for some more general solution, not selecting them by name which is very specific for concrete building.

(24 Mar, 13:10) engopy
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