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I'm trying to understand how to extract data from overpass-turbo, but it's quite difficult for a newbie with my goal. I'm trying to find a quick way to: 1) isolate only cities with +100,000 inhabitants in Europe and North America 2) for each of them obtain 9 different parks (or any other POI, I mean it could even be 9 different squares)

For the moment the closest thing I've found is this example for a pub tour in Dublin. I don't ask you to write the code for me, I just need to know if it's feasible or not, so that I don't waste my time with an impossible task. Then of course if you can help me directly with queries it's even better!

Edit: it would be enough to have the possibility of extracting the 9 parks in every city of a given list, I mean even if it's not possible to select the cities from overpass, is it possible to give it a list of (as an example) 1000 cities?

asked 19 Mar '21, 16:09

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Here's an Overpass query which provides a start (based on an example on the wiki): There are numerous things which need tweaking with it (1 km from centre is not large enough, it doesn't limit the number of elements returned, it only works on place=city not all places over 100k, etc., etc.)

(20 Mar '21, 20:01) SK53 ♦

Thank you, this is helping a lot. Do you know if it's possible to set a limit to the no. of parks? Like "look for 10 parks around this point", without the full list of all parks in that area but just 10 random ones

(21 Mar '21, 16:20) sfngll

Nope, or I would have done it!

(21 Mar '21, 21:14) SK53 ♦

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