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I have a problem with opentopomaps for garmin. When I download the gmap file from the and I put content of a file into a right folder for basecamp, the map is only white with shading. (see the link with a screen below). I tried two contries, Luxemburg and Czech republic and the problém stays the same.

Can someone help me please?


asked 11 Mar '21, 21:28

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What country did you download? I have downloaded, and asked a question here before when my download didn't work. See

(11 Mar '21, 22:56) andy mackey

Luxemburg and Czech republic to test other maps. Neither has worked. The website has changed since your post. Now, there is no Garmin/Win/PC options to download, but gmap and two .img files. I did unzip it into the folder just like the installation guide states.

(11 Mar '21, 23:27) spaceyp

Basecamp can only display one map at a time. contours count as one map. you may be able to see the map without the contours if you select it. see FAQs

(12 Mar '21, 09:15) andy mackey

Yes, I understand this. But, none of the .img files looks properly.. for example when I put them into Garmin Handheld (Oregon), it does not looklike the proper opentopo, there are only contours and some labels, thats it.

(12 Mar '21, 09:26) spaceyp

Okay, so the files were broken. The map file is a lot bigger now. It got updated. Thank you for pointing it out @andy mackey.

Just tried the new downloads and it works fine on Basecamp and handheld.

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answered 18 Mar '21, 20:22

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I also use an Oregon. Have previous versions of opentopomaps displayed correctly? if so perhaps there is a fault in the current file. Do the sizes of the file look similar the previous downloads that worked, in my case the GB file seemed too small and it did not work. a week or so later the file sizes offered looked realistic. I then downloaded it and it worked ok. If I can fine time today I'll try one of the country downloads you are having difficulties with. My previous Q I have looked at the opentopomap site and as you say they no longer do a Garmin .img files as far as I can see. Perhaps the option is to use OSM data to make you own map. Luckily a longtime OSM mapper and admin guy told us how to do this in a diary entry, see. Note:I rarely use Basecamp now as it always wants to update my devices firmware, It works as it is. It may not work the same after an update so be careful if using Basecamp.

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answered 12 Mar '21, 09:59

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andy mackey
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Thank you for your answers. I do not know if it was okay before because I have Garmin topo on Oregon, but I have purchased Alpha recently a there is no garmin topo so that's why I'm looking for something free of charge for Alpha. (I test it on Oregon first).

Well, the file sizes are bit different, e.q. Denmark has around 140MB on your screenshot, but now it has - gmap (883,4GB), map (24MB) and contour (21MB). So the downloads might be wrong.

(12 Mar '21, 14:16) spaceyp

I have used this Guy's maps fro several years and he may still offer some free Garmin maps or cheap ones to buy they are nice maps and he incorporates contours into the single file so they should look good in Basecamp

(12 Mar '21, 15:53) andy mackey

I will check it out, thank you for the tip.

(12 Mar '21, 18:51) spaceyp

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