I want to query the municipality (city or town) a given point is in, but not only its name, but also the OpenStreetMap id of the area of that city/town in order to fetch further tags from that city/town and to uniquely identify it.

For example, for the node with the id 3127879237 (located in Vienna, Austria) I would like to get back the id 3600109166 for the area of Vienna.

With Overpass and Nominatim, i could only achieve that half-way so far:

Using Overpass the following query returns all surrounding boundaries:


One of them is the city/town boundary I am looking for, but it doesn't have any tags signalling it's the city/town and it seems like the admin_level of the municipality depends on its size and the country.

Nominatim can figure out the city/town, but it only gives back its name, which is not necessarily unique, and not its OSM-id:


Is the only way to achieve that to get the name from Nominatim and then filtering the is_in results by the name returned from Nominatim?

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Nominatim's /details endpoint can return a list of parent objects, each with name, osmtype, osmid. https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/details?osmtype=N&osmid=3127879237&format=json&addressdetails=1 Ignore any items having isaddress=false. That can help you when you run your own Nominatim server. For the public nominatim.openstreetmap.org the access is discouraged as it puts a higher load on the database https://nominatim.org/release-docs/develop/api/Details/

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As with this example many place=city/town entities are nodes. If you're unable to rely on admin_level, you'll need to iterate the returned boundary relations to return nodes with 'admin_centre' roles. These should contain 'place=city/town'. Try expanding on this:

out geom;
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answered 09 Mar, 13:57

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