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Hi, this is my third attempt with this question, let us hope it now works out. The question is that even if I added parameter name:eu in a relation, it does not show when I used the Basque language OSM based map here, e.g. here Oloroe-Donamaria renders Oloroe-Donamaria on maps.wikimedia.org/?lang=eu, because it does have that parameter defined, but Tarbes, with name:eu defined as "Tarbe", does not show in the maps.wikimedia.org/?lang=eu as "Tarbe", it remains "Tarbes" (fr). How can I view the name:eu parameter in all relations if they have been defined? Thanks

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asked 08 Mar '21, 17:08

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Inaki OSM
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edited 08 Mar '21, 17:24

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SomeoneElse ♦

Another possibility is that the name is taken from the admin centre node, which does not have name:eu: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/26691527. That would fit with the pattern of your other examples - Oloroe-Donamaria has name:eu on the node as well as the relation, and Saint-Esprit is a simple node.

This is speculation though, like any 3rd party application Wikimedia is outside the control of OSM - we can make suggestions here, but only people involved in that application can give definitive answers.

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answered 09 Mar '21, 07:42

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I am not very familiar with differences between nodes and relations. However, when I click on the node for Tarbes you provided, it does not allow me to edit and I see there is a closed lock item. How can I edit it?

(10 Mar '21, 07:45) Inaki OSM

You should be able to add a new tag in the "tags" section, near the bottom left below the "fields" section.

The node and relation represent slightly different concepts here. The node is roughly the centre of a town or city, while the relation is an administrative boundary. Maps can choose to display either or both. I think the specific label you are looking at may be taken from the node.

(10 Mar '21, 22:45) alan_gr

It looks like Tarbes did not have name:eu defined until a few days ago. So it is quite possible that the Wikimedia map has not updated their OSM data since that change. I was not able to see, from a quick look, how often Wikipedia updates the map data, but generally you can't expect 3rd parties using OSM data to reflect changes right away.

(On reflection I think the issue is more likely to be related to an admin centre node rather than a delay - see my later answer).

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answered 08 Mar '21, 22:00

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edited 09 Mar '21, 07:43

There may be delay because of the issues you cited above. However, I updated a name:eu parameter in [this node in Bayonne] (https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4028894928 "this node in Bayonne"), Saint-Esprit, and updating took place in one day or earlier.

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answered 09 Mar '21, 07:08

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Inaki OSM
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Not sure if wikimedia maps really use the name:xx tag or go by the wikidata tag and than uses wikidata's names in different languages but I do know that they had quite some problems in updating the data in the last couple of months, therefor you may just have to wait for some weeks for your new changes to show up in wikimedia maps. So it's probably a good idea to check the problems and the work that is done right now over at wikimedia: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/maniphest/query/LrPD.EdTiDDd/#R .

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answered 08 Mar '21, 21:55

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