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Hello, I know, I can find my changes, using https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/mjost/history - nice. Now I get a looot of them, because StreetComplete (SC) pushes one changeset per (trivial) change.

I'm afraid I spoofed a bunch of quests for building types. (Another story to be told) SC uploads these with "Add building types" as comment.

So how can I find my changes, with that comment, so I could review ?

asked 07 Mar '21, 13:56

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As a side note: You wrote "StreetComplete (SC) pushes one changeset per (trivial) change". That should not be the case. Usually, SC opens a changeset per quest and then adds each subsequent change to the already open changeset. Only when you do not make new changes within 20 minutes the changeset will be closed. Is that not the case for you?

(07 Mar '21, 20:32) TZorn

"SC opens a changeset per quest and then adds each subsequent change to the already open changeset."

No, to me it seems, it does one Changeset per quest Here is an example from yesterday: https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/mjost/history

Add whether way is lit Geschlossen vor ca. 12 Stunden · #100584682

Add road lanes Geschlossen vor ca. 12 Stunden · #100584681

Add whether there are cycleways Geschlossen vor ca. 12 Stunden · #100584678

Add housenumbers Geschlossen vor ca. 13 Stunden · #100584432 ????????????

Determine place names Geschlossen vor ca. 12 Stunden · #100583640

Add opening hours Geschlossen vor ca. 12 Stunden · #100583588

Add building types Geschlossen vor ca. 13 Stunden · #100583029 ???????????? ....

Funnily I now see, that most changes are 12 h in the past, while two in between claim 13 hours ... ????????

Do I need to fiddle some SC setting ? Is this considered good or bad "style" ?

(08 Mar '21, 07:14) mjost

It is exactly as TZorn explained. Take your changeset https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/100583640 ("Determine place names") for example. It contains edits for multiple POIs. SC creates a changeset per quest type. This is considered good style.

(08 Mar '21, 07:18) scai ♦

Ufff... thanks ! Didn't realize that - I had been thinking I'm now flooding the DB....

(08 Mar '21, 07:43) mjost

OSMCha might be useful for this. Have a go with the filters and see if that works for you.

Another option is the generic changeset download script in "osm-revert-scripts" that downloads all changesets for a user back to a certain point in time. You can then just search for whatever you want in the changeset XML. Despite this script being iin "osm-revert-scripts" I'm not suggesting that you revert your changes of course - just download them to search through them. It's fairly simple to modify it to look at the actual changeset XML (which includes the comment) instead of the osmchange XML (i.e. the changes to the objects) as well.

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answered 07 Mar '21, 18:37

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Link to OSMCha from my abandoned answer.

(07 Mar '21, 19:00) InsertUser
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