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The label "Waupoos Island" @ 44.16580N/76.91782W is wrong. Waupoos Island is correctly labeled @ 44.0046N/76.96736W.

No clue how to correct this but the incorrect label should be removed. If someone can just do this that would be fine but I would still like to know how to do it.


asked 06 Mar '21, 23:25

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OK, a little less of a noob now. I found out how to edit and went to delete that label.

"This feature can't be deleted because it has a Wikidata tag."

So I'm still stumped!

(07 Mar '21, 00:08) tsingi

"This feature can't be deleted because it has a Wikidata tag."

That's an iD specific thing. Scroll down to the plain text "Tags" heading (might be collapsed) and delete the wikidata=blahblah tag and I think you'll be able to delete the node then. (Or better yet copy the tag to the correct island label.)

I don't know much about Canvec, but it seems odd to me that this would be wrong here?

(07 Mar '21, 01:40) InsertUser

I live here and I've sailed these waters, there is only one Waupoos island. The correct one has no attribution, ideally it seems that if you deleted the one in the correct location and moved the other one there it would solve the problem. Too far to drag, I'll take another look at it.

(07 Mar '21, 18:42) tsingi

If it's too far to drag in iD you may have better luck with JOSM.

(07 Mar '21, 19:16) InsertUser

There is controversy in that the government topos apparently show two Waupoos islands. That doesn't mean there are two, but I suppose I should go over to Hay Bay and talk to the locals. It's just going to bother me until I nail it down. Have to wait for motorcycle weather which, happily, is approaching.

I will check the editor out though, thanks for your comment.

(07 Mar '21, 20:41) tsingi

Would you explain what you mean by "bad label"?

I took a look at both Waupoos Islands, both are in Lake Ontario but in different locations. One is in Hay Bay the other in Prince Edward Bay. Both names appear to be correct as verified on the Topo maps of Canada available in the USA/Mexico/Canada/Scandinavia Topo Maps layer. There are many issues with those CanVac imports but this doesn't appear to be one of them. Using a node to represent an island is a poor shortcut IMO but it does serve to place it on the map.

So I'm still confused as to what the problem is that you're asking for help about.



PS: This was supposed to be a clarifying comment but I accidentally made it into an Answer.

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answered 07 Mar '21, 01:48

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edited 07 Mar '21, 01:52

Forget it. It's not worth any more effort.

(07 Mar '21, 18:47) tsingi

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