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I have added a localy company in the map yesterday and when i am logged in it shows up in the openstreetmap. However when I am not logged in it doesnt show up?

Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong? Ultimately I want the business to appear in Snapchat maps, and from what I gathered this is the way to make that happen.

asked 27 Feb '21, 11:23

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Thanks for speedy reply.

I see this in a new broswer, see pic.alt text

Why isn't the company showing up as the other two examples, did I register it wrong?

(27 Feb '21, 12:11) ggnomu

It looks allright. If you zoom in, you should see the name. The difference probably comes from different rendering rules of office= vs. shop= in the default rendering. Regards

(27 Feb '21, 13:20) H_mlet

Okay, thanks.

Last question if you don't mind.

Will this business now appear on Snapchat map? Do you know how long it takes?

Thanks again, very helpful.

(27 Feb '21, 13:45) ggnomu

In addition, please never add anything to OSM that doesn't exist on the ground. I am not familiar with the area or the business but you have added the offices of an estate agent named "". Does an estate agent of this name exist at all? Cursory inspection of the web site seems to indicate that the company is actually called "Kunder for deg AS" and they are not an estate agent, but instead a company that helps you find an estate agent. Looking further, "Kunder for deg AS" is a company that claims the following:

"Since 2015, we have generated over 250,000 customers for companies in Norway using digital marketing. In the second half of 2020, we decided to establish a separate company specifically for the development of web portals , where we communicate customers directly from our own pages. These are today Kunder for deg AS."

So, in my opinion this is not certainly not an estate agent; it is a marketing firm that wants to attract people looking for an estate agent and forward them to paying estate agents. And the name of the company is not "", this is just a web site the company wants to advertise for.

It seems to me that what you are trying here is adding advertising to OSM and Snapchat. I think the correct tags are office=advertising_agency and name=Kunder for deg AS.

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answered 27 Feb '21, 15:32

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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edited 28 Feb '21, 17:43

It does show up for me. Probably a cache issue. Regards.

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answered 27 Feb '21, 11:39

H_mlet's gravatar image

accept rate: 13% also shows up in OSM for me too.

We can't say when it will appear in Snap maps though - that might be weeks or months.

(27 Feb '21, 12:26) SomeoneElse ♦

To be clear about Snapchat:

Will this business now appear on Snapchat map?

The answer to the first part is "possibly". It's up to Snapchat to decide what objects they want to incorporate from OSM in their maps. You'd have to ask Snapchat about that.

Do you know how long it takes?

No. You'd have to ask Snapchat about that.

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answered 27 Feb '21, 14:43

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SomeoneElse ♦
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This is happening for my business Foam Direct also at 51.6291700, -0.7938700 I can't see the update. Can anyone else?

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answered 01 Mar '21, 15:41

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edited 01 Mar '21, 19:54

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SomeoneElse ♦

It works for me (I've edited the link to point to it so that everyone can see). Of course, you might want to add more information to the object OSM, such as the website of the business, or other contact details.

(01 Mar '21, 19:56) SomeoneElse ♦
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