Is communication:amateur_radio:repeater in use, a real tag listed here?

I can't seem to find these for any local amateur radio repeaters and if these were actually in Openstreetmap, then my project at listing all the repeaters, might be redundant?

Can you give an example use of the repeater tags as used by local hams, and is this something I should be creating or syncing from this data?

asked 26 Feb '21, 06:33

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The right hand panel on the wiki page you mentions suggests there are 182 mapped globally. If you click on the overpass-turbo link in the same box, zoom out to see the world (as there are so few - I wouldn't normally recommend zooming out so far) and then click "Run" to run the query you can see where they are.

Edit: Picking one example at random to show an example usage, this I think is the only one in Spain.

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answered 26 Feb '21, 08:40

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I would suggest tagging it if you know where it's at. It's a potentially useful tag to amateur radio users and alpine hikers.

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answered 28 Feb '21, 04:45

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Baloo Uriza
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Hi 123maps, the only group able to answer your question are the listed radio amateurs, they all carry a call or listen sign. They would or could be able to switch it on or of. You cant diagnose the repeater.

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answered 28 Feb '21, 11:32

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