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Hi I am using Windy IOs application and i noted that number of province and cities are incorrectly reflected for my country (Azerbaijan). When I contacted Windy support team they said that they are using openstreetmap engine and that I need raise this issues here.

Can anyone explain or advice or support me on how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!



asked 25 Feb '21, 16:15

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Andy from OSM's Data Working Group here. We've had complaints from elsewhere in the world (in one example, FNQ in Australia) about what "Windy" was showing, and there it wasn't OSM data that was at fault.

In the case of Azerbaijan things are complicated by the territorial dispute and recent war. The way that OSM handles disputed territories is described by this document (pdf), and in the case of Azerbaijan I believe that what we have in OSM currently is as good as we can have given the situation. That said, as the document I linked to says, data consumers such as Windy are still able to customise their data so that it has "political acceptable" content for their target market. A map designed for the Indian market could ensure that the Indian view of the Kashmir is represented as opposed to the actual line of control; one for Scotland might avoid putting Shetland in a box.

Unfortunately, you'll need to go back to Windy and say "OSM is correct, but I believe that your map needs to be changed for the Azerbaijan market so that what you show is politically acceptable here".

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answered 25 Feb '21, 16:46

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Hi Andy, if you want to go neutral, then why you deciding how to show maps and not use official maps?

Official and world wide recognized map of Azerbaijan is >

And if you go for "politically correct" then why all Azerbaijani labels shown under "Armenian" names which are not recognized by anyone ?

If you go for actual situation, then actual situation is that Azerbaijan liberated all occupied territories and now you can show them correctly.

If you want to be polite with all, then you can show official names first and then add unofficial Armenian labels under.

What you do now is just support separatism.

(25 Feb '21, 17:04) KananAghayev

Or did you mean that what is shown on Windy is not related to OSM?

(25 Feb '21, 17:14) KananAghayev

why you deciding how to show maps and not use official maps?

The simplest way to put it is because "many official maps disagree with one another".

As I said above, data consumers are entirely at liberty to display other boundaries other than the "line of control" ones that you typically see in OSM.

As an aside, it's worth noting that OSM has, as far as I'm aware, always shown the country of Azerbaijan as this shape: .

(25 Feb '21, 17:16) SomeoneElse ♦

There are two main options: you can leave a note (wiki) or you can edit the map yourself: there's a Beginners' guide on the Wiki or you can go to, look for the wrong labels, click on "Edit" in the top left and fix them (the default editor will prompt a little tutorial to let you know how to make your first edits, then you are ready to edit the map).

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answered 25 Feb '21, 16:27

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edited 25 Feb '21, 16:28

Thanks for response. I tried to edit, but I cant edit the staff I need. For example on this part of the map ( I need to remove this line and also as you can see cities and provinces are not in understandable language and i cant edit them. It says zoom to edit, but when I zoom - they disappear.

(25 Feb '21, 16:55) KananAghayev

My guess is that what you're seeing in the Windy app is based on quite old OSM data (plus data from elsewhere). These two things together means that you're unlikely to be able to edit the data in OSM to achieve what you want.

The OSM data in this area has changed considerably over the last few months - it tracked the frontline during the war, and now includes the peace-keeping zone that has been set up.

(25 Feb '21, 17:04) SomeoneElse ♦

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