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Sometimes when roads are particularly narrow (especially if that's over a short distance because of some obstacle) there are signs marking which direction has right of way. Is there a way to tag this in the map data?

asked 15 Sep '11, 21:03

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I have searched the wiki and taginfo and cannot find any existing tag. It seems like a sensible thing to tag so you could make up a tag. It would probably be good to make it match the one way tagging system. Also check on to make sure you don't use an existing tag.

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answered 15 Sep '11, 22:01

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Well, my very first idea would be simply something like "oneway=priority" to mean that it's not really oneway but the direction of the way has priority. Or maybe "oneway=no", "oneway:priority=yes" or something. That should be fairly simple.

I haven't looked into the right-of-way proposal with relations so far, but of course we could also do it with that, I suppose. But since I'm rather new to OSM, I don't think I'm the right person to propose new tagging features.

(16 Sep '11, 07:18) domob

I think it would be best not to use oneway=priority since this might confuse some applications. The oneway:priority=yes idea sounds good.

(16 Sep '11, 09:44) quantumstate

If its a traffic calming one then in in potlach2 if you create a node in the road and look at transport tags there is a traffic calming one then obstruction type "chocker" (narrowing) could work.If its a narrow piece of road join the wider bit of road with a section of lower grade of road. This doesn't solve the priority issue though

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answered 15 Sep '11, 21:44

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andy mackey
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edited 15 Sep '11, 21:49

Ok. But my question is about marking the right of way in this case (i.e., which direction has priority over the other if two vehicles come at the same time and can not pass simulaneously). At least here in Austria there are sometimes signs marking this. Can I represent that also in OSM, or just that there is a narrow piece with the ways you suggest?

(15 Sep '11, 21:50) domob

We have the same in GB for narrow bridges and traffic calming but I don't know of a tag to show who goes first

(15 Sep '11, 22:15) andy mackey

Narrow parts of a road are not always the result of traffic calming. There is a more suitable tag called narrow=yes.

(16 Sep '11, 06:45) scai ♦

All good OSM editors shall be able to modify the tag if the way is inverted, e.g. "oneway=yes" becomes a "oneway=-1", ":left" becomes ":right", ":forward" -> ":backward". Perhaps a "priority:forward=yes" ? Or a "traffic_calming:forward=choker" ? You should check around in the wiki, propose something and/or talk on the dedicated mailing list . At the end, it is important to document the consensus on the wiki.

(16 Sep '11, 09:48) Pieren

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