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Premise: I'm new here, and I don't know if this is the right place to make such questions or if it's just a place of merely technical questions. But let's move on to the question. Hi, as I already said I'm new here and I don't know much about the map and what it aims for. That's in part because I don't know anyone where I live that does this kind of things. So, what information in the map is useful to the public? Is it useful, for example, to put the website of a restaurant or hotel, or is it just redundant? Jonato

asked 19 Feb '21, 11:50

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Anything goes as long as it's easily verifiable by someone else. Even the website may not seem useful at first, but I have used it in the past as a way to keep OSM up to date by querying web sites in an area and seeing if the web site still works.

Even though marking parking aisles seems silly in some ways, Tesla was able to make use of that later for the Smart Summon feature.

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answered 19 Feb '21, 12:31

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Mike N
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Ok, thanks. I was just worried that if I put too much information it would create useless weight into the map, when downloaded.

(19 Feb '21, 12:41) jonatoieri

There was a big laugh in the community some years ago when people started adding dog poo bag dispensers. Now they are mapped everywhere on the map....

Add anything you find useful and other will, too. In time you find you need to restrain yourself to certain features if you don't want to be mapping 24/7. :-)

(19 Feb '21, 13:47) TZorn

Most people who continue mapping soon find that there's only so much one can do at anyone one time: so there tends to be some self-limiting selection. That being said this might mean mapping everything in a small area, or going for some set of more significant features in a larger area, or focusing on a particular theme (hiking paths, power networks, etc).

An advantage of this self-limitation is that there comes a time when one wants to add more info & revisiting & revising earlier work keeps OSM fresher & more up-to-date.

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answered 19 Feb '21, 16:44

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While you are walking around you can check the markings on StreetComplete

That should give an example of various things that are helpful to people in various cases. Especially on OsmAND for example where people are offline and still have info for local businesses.

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answered 26 Feb '21, 06:41

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