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How to tag a street that is signed as pedestrian, allowing only buses an delivery vehicles, but in reality there is always a car passing?

And to show you exactly what I mean:

Google Maps

asked 19 Feb '21, 00:47

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That looks indeed terrible from a pedestrian's point of view. ;-)

We don't have an established tag showing actual usage, I'm afraid. Still we might be able to tweak the tagging a bit.

Currently that street is tagged with:

A few thoughts:

Technically, motor_vehicle=* should probably be replaced with vehicle=* otherwise bicycles would be excluded totally. But maybe that is the case. I can't read what's written on the street signs.

I don't know how pedestrian streets generally look like in Athens but in many other European countries you would not have the physical separation of sidewalks and carriageway on pedestrian streets. As our highway categories are not solely based on legal classifications/restrictions but also carry a usage connotation I wonder if the street should not be re-classified to:

Generally, I suggest you discuss this further with the Greek community. There you will better find a solution appropriate to local customs.

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answered 19 Feb '21, 10:40

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The signs say that they allow only buses and delivery vehicles (for the needs of the local shops). Practically they allow almost everyone. It's just a suggestion.

Pedestrian streets in Athens don't look like this generally. There are transformation steps: - First, they put these signs, experimentally, to test how the traffic changes. They keep it like this for some years. - Then, they paint the asphalt red to make it more obvious and change the signs to allow delivery vehicles only specific hours in the day. They keep it like this for some months. - Finally, they change the surface to paving stones (sometimes add bollards too) and they look totally different. Delivery vehicles enter only when allowed by the signs.

In the Greek community we also value the opinions of others. You are potential visitors after all.

My personal opinion, as a geographer, is that streets like this should not have the same colour on the map as the "finished" pedestrian streets. I think we could use highway=living_street, as it is something between residential and pedestrian, both legally and visually.

(19 Feb '21, 17:16) chrysafoudis

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