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hello first of all sorry i can not express right words for title my English not that good but hope you got idea what i m trying to say .

there are most of the buildings in india. which has huge area of 1 and 2 floor then multiple different shape like tower over 2nd floor base from 3 to 8 example* and in roof small tank storage one case

2nd most common case where partial part of tower is connected to lower level building . other questions you how to shape slum buildings or buildings/house with common walls there lot place where it is very compact area sharing not only common wall but common floor level also so how to do that please guide with detail

asked 15 Feb '21, 14:42

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reply someone if not detail its fine but tell

(15 Feb '21, 19:15) anuj96

Can you post links to some pictures showing the situation? Then it may be easier to suggest a solution.

(16 Feb '21, 09:19) TZorn

Where a building has different heights in different areas the most common solution is a tagging scheme called Simple 3D Buildings. This involves creating:

  1. A closed way or multipolygon for the whole building with the relevant building=* tag.
  2. Additional ways or multipolygons with building:part=* for the different sections of that building.

The area with the building=* tag should have all the tags that apply to the whole building. The areas with building:part=* should have all the tags that only apply to that section. See the link above for a proper explanation.

Multiple buildings or houses that share common walls: mappers usually draw these as separate buildings sharing nodes along the common wall, but I am not sure what you mean by "common floor level also" so I may have misinterpreted your description. Terraced houses usually have floors at the same heights, but are often mapped as separate buildings when mapped at the highest level of detail.

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answered 17 Feb '21, 14:45

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thank you very much ye i meant terrace house few small queries in common wall case sharing along node creating overlap does it create error or warning?? is it fine doing overlap building ??

other question is there any shortcut(plugins) / fastest way to create terrace house ?? thanks

(17 Feb '21, 22:44) anuj96

If the two building share a all of the same nodes along the border then they will be considered touching but not overlapping.

Truly overlapping building are generally discouraged unless one building really does overhang the other.

The quickest way I know to create terraces from an outline way is JOSM's Terracer plugin, but it doesn't do well with complex outlines. The Buildings Tools plugin is also good for creating the initial outlines.

(18 Feb '21, 01:45) InsertUser

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