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I want to ask about the maps on:
(Esri Community Maps AOIs maps)
if the "Terms of Use" is:
"No special restrictions or limitations on using the item's content have been provided."
can i import the data from it ?

asked 09 Feb '21, 13:49

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I guess you are referring to Not sure, where you see the "no special restrictions..." clause. But actually there is a big licensing section on the bottom of that page with a special waiver for OSM. Interestingly, Esri is not mentioned on our Contributors page as required by the waiver.

(09 Feb '21, 14:05) TZorn

What are you trying to achieve? This looks like a bunch of place names, many of which will probably already exist in OpenStreetMap.

It's totally unclear where those data come from, what quality they have and if this data or the source it was derived from is really free to use.

I suggest you read the Import Guidelines first and then reach out to your local community.

(09 Feb '21, 15:31) TZorn

There are many places that have not been entered for the map in Saudi Arabia, and there are community maps (many of them were maps that were collected in the past by users of Garmin devices) such as desert maps that exist and are spread over the Internet, and I will not enter places that are duplicated or have been added before.

(09 Feb '21, 15:43) abdullah abd...

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