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I'm currently developing an app which require a lot of map displays and want to add my custom style to the map. After some research I came across a lot of tutorials about Tile Server building.

So I think I can manage to do that but I have several question to grasp the concept :

  • Can I host the Tile server on the same server that will be hosting my web app ? Because I will mostly have only one region of country (France) displayed.

  • I saw a topic about "pre-rendering" tiles which would help to avoid to calculate the tiles every time a user want the map to be displayed. Is it right or I have misunderstood something ?

  • How to host multiple custom style on the same server, to allow preference settings for user ?

Thank you a lot for your answer.

asked 07 Feb '21, 19:42

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Yes you can run a tile server in addition to other things on the server. Essentially, you will be installing the Apache web server, and the mod_tile Apache module, and then you will instruct the module to respond to requests starting with some prefix, e.g. "/tiles/style1" or so. And you will be able to host other things normally outside of that path.

Yes, pre-rendering makes sense especially for low zoom levels e.g. 1-12. Not for all zoom levels - if you pre-render France to zoom 18 that would take weeks and use too much space. There are many regions in France that nobody will ever use your app in so it would be wasteful to pre-render everything to the highest zoom.

It is no problem to host multiple styles, however each style requires a separate tile storage on the server, and separate pre-rendering.

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answered 07 Feb '21, 20:01

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Thank you for your answer. Do yo know where can I find a tutorial about prerendring tiles ? Also I will be using flask app, do you think I need docker inside the server to keep Tile and App separated ? Sorry it it seems like a dumb question but still willing to grasp every aspect before doing it

(07 Feb '21, 20:19) senseikaii

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