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Sorry if this shows up 3 times. I made an edit on OSM 6+ months ago and it's still not working on Strava. I reached out to Strava and they sent me here. The first image is of a Strava heatmap, the 2nd image is of my edit on OSM connecting the trail to the Edison utility dirt road, and the 3rd image is showing that my edit still hasn't connected the 2 even though the heatmap still shows that people go this route a lot. Thank you in advance. Link to the location of said issue

PS: Any fellow GIS/Remote Sensing nerds out there?

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asked 03 Feb '21, 21:05

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K Cody
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It'd be great if you could go to and link to where that place is, so that people could have a look.

(03 Feb '21, 21:11) SomeoneElse ♦

Great suggestion. See OP

(03 Feb '21, 21:16) K Cody

It's definitely connected - If you look at you can see that it is connected to paths/tracks at both ends. The last update there was 2 months ago. I'm afraid I'm going to have to suggest that you go back to Strava and ask them how quickly they update their maps...

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answered 03 Feb '21, 21:23

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Apparently time feels different when a pandemic is going on. Feels like 6 months. Glad I did it correctly. Thank you!

(03 Feb '21, 21:26) K Cody

The culprit will be Mapbox. Strava uses Mapbox as their map provider. Mapbox is known to have long update cycles.

So I can only add to what SomeoneElse said. You have to go back to Strava and ask them to ask Mapbox to provide more up to date maps.

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answered 04 Feb '21, 08:53

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I reached out to them yesterday as a follow up. In their original response they said, "Thank you for contacting Strava. The underlying map data for routes comes from our map provider, OpenStreetMap.

If you notice any problems with the map used for routes, you can report those problems directly to OSM:

Changes you make may not be reflected exactly the way you may expect them on Strava. For example, if you mark a road as closed to bicycle traffic, that road may still be included in suggested cycling routes if other data sources indicate that the road is open to bicycles. We strive to bring in new updates from OSM in a timely manner while still ensuring fairness, correctness, and completeness of data. Generally, you should be able to see your changes reflected within a month.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask."

So this makes me think that they use OSM for only the mapping of routes feature, not necessarily the integration of of uploading your activity to Strava.

(04 Feb '21, 19:28) K Cody

"Maps may be updated every six months depending on the map data you are viewing. Apologies for any inconvenience. Let me know if you have any additional questions." from Strava Customer Support

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answered 04 Feb '21, 21:36

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K Cody
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