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Not far from where I live there is an abandoned railway. But a path also follows this railway exactly. For the eastern half, I can just about highlight the underlying (cycle) path because the ways diverge slightly at one end. But for the western half I can't see how to highlight the underlying path to edit it (I want to add 'bicyles=yes')- or even if such a path exists on OSM! A search through other answers suggests using '/' in Potlatch, but the potlatch editor option seems to have disappeared. I'm using the standard editor, tried on Firefox and Chrome.

[later] there is a (footpath) underlying the railway, I can see it on OpenCycleMap. But I can't see it on OSM.

asked 02 Feb '21, 17:17

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(slightly unrelated to the main bit of the question) but Potlatch is now downloadable at .

(02 Feb '21, 17:54) SomeoneElse ♦

Have now tried Potlatch but no help, sorry. the '/' command is listed but appears to do nothing. And I can't even highight the part of the cycle track that I can with the web editor.

(02 Feb '21, 19:59) quilkin

The "/" works if the ways share nodes (it toggles through ways which use a given node) not ways at a given location so you need to select a node. One way with iD is to hide the railway layer (scroll down the menu in the "Map Data" option at RHS of screen until you see "Map Features", rail features is about 10 items down). PS. Dont forget to toggle it back or you may get puzzled later on. (Also this discussion on options in a range of editors which suggests "\" should do something similar in iD - although it doesnt for me)

(02 Feb '21, 20:21) SK53 ♦

It should be noted that using two overlapping ways like this isn't how a situation like this is generally mapped. Since this is really one linear feature - a path following the route of an abandoned railway bed - there should be one way with the tags for both features. This way can be split for the piece at the east end, which would just have the railway tags.

(02 Feb '21, 22:49) alester

@alester I think your statement is a little too dogmatic. It is not uncommon for them to be mapped as two separate ways & there are probably cases where this is for good reasons.

(03 Feb '21, 13:36) SK53 ♦

Thanks to @SK53, I have now managed to edit this. For future reference:

  • In Potlatch, click on a node and then use '/' to scroll between overlaid ways.
  • In iD, use 'Map Features' and toggle off 'Past/Future features' (or whatever needs hiding); apparently an abandoned railway isn't a railway but a 'past feature'. Makes sense I guess.
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answered 02 Feb '21, 20:51

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