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Hello, Need urgent help needed here.

Pulau Banding 5.5438, 101.3434

I was improving the outline of the island by using FastDraw plugin on JOSM. I removed a portion of existing outline of island. Then I drew a more correct outline and join it up to make it whole again. I have tested the method first on nearby island a couple of times and there was no issue. So I thought the method is alright. When I did the same method to Pulau Banding, these was a sort of wash out when the map renders. I hope someone can pinpoint the error or revert the map back.

asked 28 Jan '21, 16:48

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There was a small gap between two nodes at the north end of the island, so the way that describes the island wasn't closed. Since this island is an inner of the larger lake multipolygon relation, this break caused the entire lake to stop rendering properly. I connected the two nodes to close the island way (changeset), so things should show up properly soon.

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answered 28 Jan '21, 17:28

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Thank you very much, alester. Made my morning. I would have been left worried for a few coming days. I have to be more careful in the future and have to be wary of the temptation of correcting badly drawn land outlines. In hindsight I thought I should break the relation before redrawing and put back the relation after that. Would this have made a difference? Any suggestion of a better way of doing this?

(28 Jan '21, 23:22) banban_msm

Removing and re-adding the relation may have helped show that there was an issue, but it would also wipe out the history of the relation, so I don't think that would be the way to go.

I see that you use JOSM for your edits. A good thing to do is run the built-in Validator before you upload changes, which will check for common issues. This is what I used to find the issue in this case. The validator reported the broken multipolygon relation and identified the nodes where the issue was occurring.

(29 Jan '21, 00:09) alester

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