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On the following picture:

you can see a road to the right of the freeway that runs in parallel to the freeway (nearly) all the time. Signs label this road as "via de servei". As far as I see those roads match the description of a Frontage road on Wikipedia and the OpenStreetMap Wiki say clearly that those should not be tagged as highway=service. But everywhere I checked in the vicinity (that's not very much), these roads were actually tagged as highway=service.

Before I start changing the tags, I would like to make sure that I am doing the right thing and I did not miss anything...?

UPDATE: The via de servei exists on both sides of the Freeway and is bi-directional on both sides. It is wide enough for cars to pass each other. It has a speed limit of 40 km/h and the landscape is much less altered to build the via de servei compared to the freeway itself (e.g. small "hills" are not flattend). Usually it only is possible to change between the freeway and the via de servei, but oftentimes small streets or even tracks connect to the via de servei.

asked 14 Sep '11, 12:07

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It is hard to say based on your linked photo but It seems that the frontage road is not private, nor serving a single destination (but seems to be oneway although very large - perhaps was bidirectionnal in the past - you should confirm this).

For what I see, It does not really correspond to our general understanding of a highway=service (access to a parking/building,driveway/alley/emergency, more or less for private or limited access). I would personally tend to use the highway=unclassified in this case but it's never bad to try to contact first the other contributors who applied the highway=service tag and check their arguments. But first glance, I would agree with you to change it.

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answered 14 Sep '11, 16:48

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My recollection is that "via de servei" translates more as "access road" or even "link road" rather than "service road".

(14 Sep '11, 17:16) SomeoneElse ♦

@Pieren: I updated the question inserting more details.

(14 Sep '11, 18:04) yankee

actually while looking for people who tagged these roads as service roads (to notify them about this question), I have found quite a number of such roads that were not tagged as service road, but as tertiary or unclassified road...

(14 Sep '11, 18:18) yankee

Hi Yankee Can you show me the way I tagged as service! Is the way officialy only used for service it ís a highway=service. If using is allowed for other you can change it. This is my opinion but if you change it I will not die and I will check this on my next Vacation! :-)

Happy mapping Meik

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answered 14 Sep '11, 18:34

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That would be It just occurred to me that you might not be the one who tagged the road as service after all, just that you have been the last editor. So sorry for that. Nevertheless you input is welcome :-).

(14 Sep '11, 18:43) yankee

Hi No problem! Nobody is perfekt except me!:-) I did this road by racebike but it is long ago :-(

(14 Sep '11, 19:07) redrace

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