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Can I point Vespucci at a folder to add those photos to the photos layer? For example, I have photos in osmand's avnotes folder. Can I see them in Vespucci?

Out of interest, but not ideal, if I copied them to the Vespucci pictures folder would that work?

I have looked in the dots next to the photos layer and hunted around the other menus and help file but didn't see anything.

asked 26 Jan '21, 07:29

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To answer my second question, yes, if I copy geotagged photos into Vespucci/pictures and restart Vespucci they show up.

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answered 26 Jan '21, 22:48

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Maybe the photos in OsmAnd's avnotes folder are not shown because Vespucci doesn't have permissions to access them.

(27 Jan '21, 08:38) MarcoR

Thanks @MarcoR. I think it does: it has permission to All files and the osmand folder is in the /storage/emulated/0 directory. Is this not something others find?

(27 Jan '21, 09:17) TrekClimbing

I took a look at the Vespucci's source code┬╣, and if I understand correctly, it searches the photos in three specific directories (i.e. DCIM, Vespucci and omstracker) both inside the internal and the external (SD) storage. So it seems that the only solution so far is to move the "photo notes" to one of these directories. ┬╣ https://github.com/MarcusWolschon/osmeditor4android/blob/830e30faf83133c87341838f394a3a350b3a3be1/src/main/java/de/blau/android/photos/PhotoIndex.java#L67-L69

(27 Jan '21, 11:20) MarcoR
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