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Hello, i want to get locations(latitude, longitude) of around 1kk addresses. I tried Nominatim in python lib geopy but it will take too much time for processing all addresses. Than i tried osmium with osb.pbf data dumps, but it can`t make search by address, it just iterare over nodes, ways, areas also it take too much time while handling nodes. So my question is there a tool/way to make search by location name like Nominatim in geopy which works with local data dump? I know hard way to do this. It requires importing data dump in local postgress sql database and build and run Nominatim server. Is there easer way?

asked 20 Jan '21, 11:52

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Your requirements are not clear. Sometimes you ask about search by name, sometimes you want search by address. These are two completely different things. Which one do you need?

(20 Jan '21, 12:19) scai ♦


The reason for that is that addresses are not stored in OSM ready-to-use. It requires computation to build the address of a place. Also, in case a precise match cannot be found, to find the "nearest" match. Nominatim does these things for you. If you don't use Nominatim then you have to write code that does these things, which will make that way more difficult than using Nominatim. Therefore, there is no easier way.

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answered 20 Jan '21, 12:02

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