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There's 'Duplicate edge' which is easily resolved by e.g. separating a street from the edge of a square and then there are 'duplicate edge' where a e.g. complex pedestrian area is drawn, one part tagged with a cobblestone pattern, another part tagged as marble covered etc. Another simpler example a pedestrian area, bout 4 meters wide, 150 long joins a square . The joining edge is marked as duplicate. It makes no sense to me why 2 in effect basically identical areas cant be sharing edges/nodes. Bar artificially separating them then create a single connect node 'to map around', no solution (and the facepalms are up to be slapped).

Ref: wiki

BTW, see these areas also often being thrown out as "no feature tag ways".

Any ideas to resolve these with a note that 'not mapping them details is not an option'. OsmAnd e.g. maps some of these properly like the area:highway=motorway areas.


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Where are you seeing "duplicate edge" reported as a problem? From the way you describe it, it sounds like usually it is a warning that should be ignored.

(18 Jan '21, 16:00) EdLoach ♦

It's a link on the Neis report, under the sub topic of 'routing' Your page: These 'Duplicate Edge' are classed as geometry.

Been working me bud off to get all those for routing and QA error metric types below 25, just this one and a few more mostly give me the famous 3rd finger. If ignorable, I'll be happy to add these items that are legally 'ignored' to my vertical archive list. Is there some master/cheat list for those?

thanks for responding.

(18 Jan '21, 17:15) SekeRob

@SekeRob That's an OSMI error - and I'd agree that it can usually be ignored. I know it's tempting to try and whittle down those OSMI and Osmose errors, but some of those "errors" are badly implemented and/or not actually errors. Don't think of it as a scorecard - no one else is keeping score or judging your mapping based on those errors! (or at least no one SHOULD be)

(18 Jan '21, 18:29) GregRetro

OK, I'll make my personal list of items to ignore, some like 'island car' truly mind boggling in instances. If using the OSM build-in navigator at least, it's impossible to navigate at times to get somewhere but walk the last mile. Using it at times to find the join where things hang up.

Have a good evening.

(18 Jan '21, 18:46) SekeRob

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