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hi I wanted to edit a large sandy area divided into small areas, is it right that I:
- set Relation type as boundary instead of multipolygon for small and large areas
- put tag "natural:sand" for large area
- add small areas as members to large area and set it as "subarea"

is that right or i can not use boundary type for natural places, and is it right to use "subarea" as Role to members of multipolygon?

asked 11 Jan '21, 07:00

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edited 11 Jan '21, 07:24

The multipolygon tagging does not allow for a hierarchy. If you have serveral patches of sand, I would not even use a multipolygon at all - just tag them as individual sand areas. If they all share a common characteristic - e.g. there are 20 patches of sand and together they are called the "Someplace Sands", then it makes sense to build a multipolygon relation with that name and make the individual bits a member. Do not use boundary tags for sand areas unless they are some form of protected area or a country-sized named feature.

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answered 11 Jan '21, 09:21

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Thank you
and i did used multipolygon because the area have inner and outer lines
if you have some time lock at this:

(11 Jan '21, 10:17) abdullah abd...

The type=boundary is reserved for use to define official boundaries, for example, those of towns, states and other so-called administrative boundaries, national parks, wildlife refuges, etc.

Natural areas do not need a boundary tag at all. Members of multipolygons that define natural areas need use no role other than inner or outer as the case may be. For example, a typical small areas inside a larger multipolygon might be a wetland inside a wooded area. That will have role inner while the containing multipolygon would have role outer.

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answered 11 Jan '21, 08:48

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Thank you, but the problem we have in Saudi Arabia is that there are large sand areas, from which small areas follow that large area and they are all sand, how do I make a dependent multipolygon to the large multipolygon is it right to but multipolygon inside multipolygon with out link it with "subarea" role ?

(11 Jan '21, 09:13) abdullah abd...

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