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Hi, i wanted to know if there is a way/ guide to connecting to two servers on josm, and for it to be interchangeable, right now id have to go to edit -> preference -> connection settings ; and retype all the details for when i need to change to which ever server.alt text

is there a way to put the other server with its details in the [OSM server URL drop down menu] or something similar so it is interchangeable. hard to describe what I'm trying to do.. any help will be appreciated.

asked 05 Jan '21, 15:30

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You can run JOSM with a second profile directory:


I have 2 shortcuts setup, one to my main account and another to a secondary account. To use the secondary account I just click that shortcut.

A downside is that you'll have to configure plugins and such for each profile.

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answered 05 Jan '21, 23:42

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The OHM/beginner page suggests this can be done from the command line, is that how you made your shortcuts?

(06 Jan '21, 01:18) InsertUser

It's platform dependent. I've created .desktop files in .local/share/applications/ on a Linux system (the command goes on the Exec line, see https://specifications.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/desktop-entry-spec-latest.html ). On Windows, the command line in a shortcut could be edited to point to the additional profile(s). I don't know how OS X works.

Shell aliases are another way to do it. Creating the .desktop files adds them to compatible launchers.

(06 Jan '21, 02:13) maxerickson

is there any more information on this, "On Windows, the command line in a shortcut could be edited to point to the additional profile(s)" im also trying to do this on a window's platform

(06 Jan '21, 10:16) shafi-as

I don't know how JOSM installs on Windows. If there is a shortcut in the start menu, you can locate and duplicate that, and then edit it to point to a new profile directory. There's lots of general information about working with the shortcuts, for example https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-tip-add-custom-shortcuts-to-the-start-menu/

And then https://windows.tips.net/T010869_Changing_Shortcut_Properties.html shows the dialog. You'd want to adjust the target line to point to the second profile.

(06 Jan '21, 21:52) maxerickson

If you turn on "Expert Mode" you will get an additional entry "Advanced Preferences".

You can save and load preferences from a file on that page so I suspect you should be able to simply create a preferences file for each of the APIs and load that.

No guarantees that this actually works.

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answered 05 Jan '21, 20:32

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