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How would you tag a shop that sells various sauna equipment? Shop in question sells stoves, building materials, doors, small accessories and also provides builders/consultations.

I found shop=swimming_pool which according to wiki:


A store that sells swimming pool equipment and supplies.

Might also sell different types of pools, saunas or hot tubs as well as provide installation and maintenance.


Seems to fit the most from what I could find but this place does not deal in pools at all from what I can see so maybe there is a better tag?

asked 03 Jan '21, 19:32

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In addition are 15 items tagged shop=sauna, 3 shop=hottub and 8 shop=hot_tub. See for more. I think the key thing is if such specialist shops are relatively common (say one per town) in your area they probably merit a separate tag.

(03 Jan '21, 21:25) SK53 ♦

Saw shop=sauna, but it had almost no use (most hits seem to be in Germany according to overpass - and it did not have wiki so disregarded that tag. Perhaps I should still use it? Till now I only used tags that had wiki entry because that seemed more "official". I don't think such shops are common, after a quick search I could find only 2 more in capital city.

(03 Jan '21, 21:50) Qweis

@Qeris You also need to check the usage. Some may be mistakened for leisure=sauna. I found 1 instance. Examples including =brewing_supplies, =hairdresser_supply, and =fashion_accessories exist to disambiguate, or avoid conflict with another value. There are also untidied values of,hot_tub,_sauna_store and,_bubbelbaden&_sauna's.

(04 Jan '21, 16:26) Kovoschiz

You can use tags that aren't in the wiki, there's just no guarantee anyone will know what you mean. As shop=sauna seems to be in use and is fairly unambiguous you could probably just document the existing tag as 'in use' in the wiki and use it without going through a proposal process. It's niche, but your addition would push it above shop=robot.

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answered 04 Jan '21, 02:38

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