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How would you map an object like this? Or this? Or this? Or this?

These are city entrance steles. They can take all forms, shapes and sizes. One can be only 2 m tall, the other one would be 20 m. Can't say for other countries, but these are popular in ex-USSR countries. Like, they're in most cities and some towns or villages.

These kinds of steles have a name of the settlement where they're placed, and every driver entering the settlement would easily see them.

Russian guide suggests to use tourism=information, information=stele tags. But the problem is, the tourism=information-tagged objects, with a few exceptions, are only shown at zoom level 19:

[feature = 'tourism_information'][zoom >= 19], [feature = 'tourism_information']["information"='office'][zoom >= 17] { marker-file: url('symbols/tourism/information.svg'); [information = 'audioguide'] { marker-file: url('symbols/tourism/audioguide.svg'); } [information = 'board'] { marker-file: url('symbols/tourism/board.svg'); } [information = 'guidepost'] { marker-file: url('symbols/tourism/guidepost.svg'); } [information = 'office'] { marker-file: url('symbols/tourism/office.svg'); marker-fill: @amenity-brown; } [information = 'map'], [information = 'tactile_map'] { marker-file: url('symbols/tourism/map.svg'); } [information = 'terminal'] { marker-file: url('symbols/tourism/terminal.svg'); } marker-fill: @man-made-icon; marker-clip: false; }

I don't think I should zoom to the level 19 to see an object that is, in reality, 12 m tall and is a landmark (I think, they should be shown at level 15), so I think a different category should be used. It could be man_made=obelisk, landmark=pillar, and even landmark=large_rock, but not always. Also, these don't show its purpose. It's not a monument either.

How am I supposed to mark such objects?

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Am I correct in thinking these are rather large city limit signs? Las Vegas's famous sign seems to just be tagged as a tourist attraction in OSM.

(04 Jan '21, 04:23) InsertUser

Hi efpies, the used terms look right. But your suggestion to change the key to get a better / earlier view on a map looks like tagging for the renderer. You can do a lot with OSM data, but tagging for the renderer is not done. Ps you could see them as monuments in/of time PPS did you post this also at the "Russian"(USSR) fora, its a concern of all those communities.

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