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Newbie here struggling with how somewhere is displayed - probably down to zoom levels. If I search for Scarborough (UK)the first result in the search is this shows me Scarborough Borough Council's area and places up to around 50 miles away. If I search for Kingston Upon Hull the first result in the search is There's no boundary line but it is zoomed fairly well in and there's certainly nowhere 50 miles away shown. The same if I search for Bridlington -

I can work out that two of those links have the word "node" in them whereas the Scarborough one has "relation" in it. So it's obciously something to do with node and relation. But the Scarborough one includes the town of Whitby yet if I search for Whitby I get a link with "node" in it.

asked 30 Dec '20, 17:53

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Just as an aside, you can use a query such as to ask the search engine directly why it finds the things that it does.

(30 Dec '20, 17:59) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks someoneelse but even looking at the link you have given doesn't explain it to this thicko here :( I still don't see how to get to look at Scarborough as a node rather than a relation.

(30 Dec '20, 20:20) joolsm

I think it is because Scarborough has a bigger administrative level, and that's why you get that relation. If you need the node, you can find it by looking into the members of the relation. Don't know about UK levels, but i'm wondering why there is no Scarborough subarea / town level relation also and then the node should also be part of it.

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answered 02 Jan '21, 20:47

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Scarborough is the town-level (in OSM terms) administrative relation here. The admin hierarchy can be seen at . In terms of administration, everything within that relation is part of the "Scarborough" admin area, including places within Whitby: .

There is a "Whitby Town Council": . The area of that doesn't seem to be mapped in OSM; if it was, I'd imagine it would be admin level 10 ("parish" in OSM terms).

(02 Jan '21, 21:02) SomeoneElse ♦

The area shown is that covered by Scarborough Borough Council, which is higher level authority than a town council. There are 3 towns within SBC's area - Whitby, Scarborough and Filey. Whitby and Filey each has a parish/town council (probably the admin level 10 SomeoneoneElse refers to). Scarborough does not have a parish/town council. So perhaps the zoom level is governed by the admin level as suggested by ghia. thank you both. Jools

(02 Jan '21, 22:31) joolsm

For completeness, as well as searching in the administrative hierarchy as you have been doing you can also search explicitly for "places that are towns with a name of Scarborough".

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answered 02 Jan '21, 21:05

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