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Since today i get just a light gray area, no map at all (i'm using the same html iframe that always worked, no changes have been done.. even if put the iframe inside a blank html with no other html or css or php code (to avoid conflict issues) it's still not working

asked 28 Dec '20, 23:56

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cu_i comunic...
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edited 29 Dec '20, 00:26

checking with Google Chrome Console, i get several error: FAILED TO LOAD RESOURCE, the missing resources are pointing to: which appears to be offline

(29 Dec '20, 00:03) cu_i comunic...

thank you for supporting, you pointed me to the right direction! it's been very kind of you to provide that link.

have a nice day

(29 Dec '20, 03:03) cu_i comunic...

OSM recently switched to fastly for all tile requests. The embed function had been the first to use the fastly cdn and got an extra URL for that. When the transistion was finished around christmas holidays, they forgot to change the now defunct test tile urls in the embed function that won't work anymore. I'll bring this to the sysadmins attention. It should work soon again. Stay tuned. There is nothing you could do now but waiting for this to get resolved.

Edit: TomH from the sysadmins team changed the embed code, it should be working again soon. And a bravo to the sysadmins for reacting that fast.

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answered 29 Dec '20, 09:21

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thank you! i'm glad to hear that.. OSM is providing an amazing service

(29 Dec '20, 10:18) cu_i comunic...

Here still a grey background. when i use firefox browser the map looks perfect, when I use chrome or chromium only a grey square, just like the description of comunicazione.

(29 Dec '20, 13:09) straatmapje

The same embedded code worked fine in chrome yesterday. really weird.

(29 Dec '20, 13:13) straatmapje

That tilelayer url that worked a few days ago just got deprecated. Tom already pushed a commit ( to delete that url from the iframe embed js function. Now we probably just have to wait for this change to propagate through the caching layers and than it should be working again.

(29 Dec '20, 13:46) Spiekerooger

Thanks, we just wait then. Forgive me for asking noob questions if it seems silly, but what is the difference in this link between chrome and firefox? I do not see why the same code still works in firefox.

(29 Dec '20, 14:40) straatmapje

We have to wait for the embed.html to refresh. Now you may have a copy in your browsers cache of that file in Chrome, but not in Firefox.

The JS File itself, where the TileLayer URL for the iframe embed function is defined, will never expire but change the filename when its content changes. But then you'll need the new embed.html to fetch the new js file under the new name. So we'll probably have to wait for the embed.html to be rebuilt and expire. That one has a caching time of 7 days. I'm not sure how often cron runs that would rebuild the html page to refer the new js file that has the correct tilelayer url.

You could try the developer tools of Firefox and Chrome (F12) to check for the files loaded and cached at

(29 Dec '20, 15:40) Spiekerooger

I'm seeing the right url now, so it's working again. (Wed. 2020-12-30 at 10:45 UTC).

(30 Dec '20, 10:45) Spiekerooger
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Thanks. confirmed, it was only cache in firefox. Now same in all browsers I use. (Nothing visible on the map)

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answered 29 Dec '20, 16:05

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So your Firefox had a dns cache for the cdn-fastly-test url still pointing somewhere (which is live not the case anymore). We'll still have to wait for the embed.html to update.

(29 Dec '20, 16:13) Spiekerooger

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