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I browsed through the ODbL , but somehow, I am still not sure whether I got it right. Please, could you help me w.r.t. how the terms of the licence apply to my project?

If I incorporate a map/tile of OpenStreetMap into my own (publicly available) website (let's say, using Leaflet's API) and enhance it by adding markers (pins) for POI of my own (e.g. sculptures which I took photographs of) like on this webpage: : would this usage trigger the ODbl share-alike terms? I would not use any latitude/longitude data of OSM - the sculptures (POIs) would be geocoded by myself. The website would just use the map of OSM.

Clearly, the latitude/longitude data would be publicly available through the HTML source code of my page. Hence, my questions is: is this already a "Derived Database"? Would the geo-coordinates of the POI (that I geocoded myself) then under Share-Alike? I.e. be part of OSM?

Clarifications would be warmly welcome - thank you!

Best regards, Thomas

asked 28 Dec '20, 18:27

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If you record the latitude and longitude of the pins without any recourse to OSM, for example because your camera has a built-in GPS, then displaying the data together with OSM data does not trigger any share-alike - you would at most be creating a collective database if you mixed OSM data and your data in a database, but displaying your data on top of OSM tiles would not even do that.

However, if you rely on OSM to find the latitude and longitude of an object - for example, if your recordings just indicate that something was "at the intersection of A street and B street" and then you use OSM to actually locate that intersection - then your coordinate might form a derivative database.

Even if that were the case, though, (1) the share-alike provision only kicks in if you make "substantial" use ( ) and (2) even if share-alike kicks in, that doesn't mean your data becomes part of OSM, it just means that you have to make it available on request under ODbL.

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answered 29 Dec '20, 00:34

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Frederik - thank you so much. I love concise answers... :-)

By the way, I use the photographs' EXIF data, Google Maps or to geocode locations, thus, no share-alike as you explain. On the other hand, the geo-coordinates of my pins are available even without a request, so I could figure out, they might become part of OSM even without me noticing it, right?

All the best, Thomas

(29 Dec '20, 10:45) thomasew

Anyone using your pins to add data to OSM would be expected to attribute the source (i.e. your site), and only if that source makes it clear that the pin data is under a license compatible with OSM would we allow adding that data to OSM.

(29 Dec '20, 11:16) Frederik Ramm ♦

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