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I was recently coding highways as areas, here the rose revolution square in tbilisi, which consists of open spaces of various kinds of roads:

Question: The pedestrian area and the residential-highway-area render ok, but the part with the secondary highway only renders the outlines. But I added "area=yes". Did I make a mistake or is it only the renderer's problem?

asked 12 Sep '11, 15:58

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moszkva ter
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It's a rendering issue. The combination "highway=secondary" and "area=yes" is not supported currently in Mapnik but we could discuss the opportunity of having a plazza or a square with a seconday highway importance since there is no given direction. Such areas are usually better controlled in roundabouts (to avoid collisions ;-).

If the square or plazza is crossed with a given direction (e.g. with street lines within it), you might consider the proposed tag "area:highway".

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answered 12 Sep '11, 16:47

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I now changed it back to linear highways and added the area:highway tag for an area around. This represents the situation of such intersections like here much better:

Thanks for the advice!

(13 Sep '11, 14:47) moszkva ter

Looking at the details of the way reveals that the start node is not the same as the end node. There is one node connected at the start of the way. You curently have a way looking like A->B->...->Z->B, but an area are on the form A->B->...->Z->A.

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answered 12 Sep '11, 16:14

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Gnonthgol ♦
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edited 12 Sep '11, 16:14

thanks! I will check it and repair.

(12 Sep '11, 16:40) moszkva ter

looks even worse now... the secondary highway is now not rendering at all :(

(12 Sep '11, 16:56) moszkva ter

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