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My aim: to obtain an Inkscape editable SVG file containing a map of Berlin with fewer features than the ones which the big map contains. For instance no venues of shops, not different colours for different kinds of streets.

Trying to find an answer, I got the impression that the procedure would entail several steps concernig, among others,rendering, tile servers and layers.

Now: could anyone tell what should I do? Or at least give me a list of the entries of the Wiki that I shoud read in order to achieve my aim?

Thank you.

asked 19 Dec '20, 01:09

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'Share' on the right hand side of the main page has a SVG option.

rDepending on you needs it may require a lot of post processing in Inkscape. It produces an image with a boundary mask, but doesn't trim the actual data to it, so it will include extensive landuse areas which you may not require. Given you want all of Berlin you could end up with a very large XML file.

If anyone know a neater/quicker way please let me know.

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answered 20 Dec '20, 23:48

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The bbbike extracts site has a few SVG options. DaveF's caveats for the main site may also apply here though.

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answered 21 Dec '20, 02:04

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Thanks After a brief look: Positives:

Trims to boundary.

OSM specific ID tags, so mass editing of the XML file is possible (Why OSM main page swaps in anonymous IDs is anyone's guess).


Very large text/symbols.

Rectangular boundary selection box shape is determined by the browers window shape!

(21 Dec '20, 14:28) DaveF

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