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Hello, I would like to print a detailed street map of my hometown zoomed in so we can see all of the street names. When I expand on the screen how do I print in that 'expanded' format?

asked 19 Dec '20, 00:05

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There is a wiki page to help when a paper copy is needed.

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answered 19 Dec '20, 13:48

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If you use the "Share" icon on the right of, one of the options is to export to an image. You can set a custom box, select output format, and (I think this is what you want) select a custom scaling factor so that the image is "zoomed in" to the level you want. Be aware that the more detail, the bigger the image you're going to get. Once you get the image, you should be able to print that image file the way you want.

If you need something more complicated, you may want to try a tool like Maperitive.

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answered 23 Dec '20, 21:01

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What I'd like to get is a .png file of a given area. But to me the share option doesn't work as described above, since once I've chosen the custom box, I cannot choose the scaling factor, which seems to be linked to the custom box - different scaling values than the given one are not accepted. So I cannot get anything more than the poorly detailed scale factor I have when drawing the custom box. Am I missing to do anything?

(13 Dec '21, 10:30) un_der

I think there may be a maximum image size that it won't let you set the scale past, but I can change the scale quite a bit to get more detail up to that limit.

(13 Dec '21, 15:31) PeterCooperJr

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