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I am updating an area I mapped a few years ago (thank to a recent and accurate Esri World Imagery). On multiple occasions I found that multipolygons I created were converted into simple features (areas), duplicating all their ways.

The comments of the changesets in which they were replaced often refer to “OSM InspectorAreas ring_not_closed”. Since I always check my polygons using JOSM. I wonder if… - Is there a conflict/problem between OSM InspectorAreas and JOSM? - If I forgot to checked OSM, should I have expected the rings being closed in the multipolygon instead of having all those lines duplicated?

The most recent example is changeset 92270556 where I remember having created multipolygons for a group of natural=wood, natural=scrub, natural=water and landuse=commercial.

thank you to enlighten me

asked 16 Dec '20, 23:21

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I've seen the same thing happen near me, done by the same contributor.

I think what's happening is someone makes a change that breaks a multipolygon, such as inadvertently deleting a way or otherwise disrupting the geometry. Then, kartler175 comes along and changes the multipolygon's outer way to a single closed way, rather than actually fixing the multipolygon.

So, in the end, what's happening is that a contributor is trying to be helpful, but going about it in a less-than-ideal way.

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answered 17 Dec '20, 18:25

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Thank, it's entirely possible, but since the contributor didn't respond to my comment (on the changeset), I wondered if there was a rule I didn't know about multipolygons, or if there were any known issues with JOSM or OSM Inspector.

(17 Dec '20, 18:47) jfd553

FWIW, they have replied to some changeset discussion comments. If it looks like they need a nudge to reply to more, ask the DWG to help (mail ).

(19 Dec '20, 22:54) SomeoneElse ♦

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