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I use OSM map on my GPS navigator and in proper scale I can see buildings and their names. But when I go to OSM site and try to correct some mistakes that I have noticed I can't see this buildings in the same scale. Nothing changes when I change scale. Help, please.

asked 12 Sep '11, 13:13

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Could you provide a link to the map position?

(12 Sep '11, 13:20) scai ♦

Yes, look please:

A polygon in the center is a monastery. I see it's buildings on my navigator but nothing with potlatch editor. It seems to me that my Garmin OSM map was filled up by another map source.

(12 Sep '11, 17:30) Lunyo

Data has been deleted in that area - one example is this building. The reason given is "copyright violation abuse".

I'm not familiar with the particular case but I guess that someone (either deliberately or by accident) added data that they didn't have the rights to. See this wiki page for a bit more information.

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answered 12 Sep '11, 17:57

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Your navigator uses vector maps and are able to zoom in quite a bit. However the main map on are rendered on the server and is limited to the servers capabilities. If you go to the Edit tab you will get the Potlatch editor whitch uses vector maps and are able too zoom to a higher scale. However it does not produce as nice images.

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answered 12 Sep '11, 16:29

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Thank you, but it didn't work. See my earlier comment.

(12 Sep '11, 17:38) Lunyo

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