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Hi there,

I'm planning to create my own tile server to allow customize style and also allow me to get the vector tiles instead of raster tiles. But my budget is limited, so I want to know the minimum hardware requirement of vector tiles server.

I read some Q&A like this, but all about raster tiles, not vector tiles. If I understand right, the vector tiles server will lighter than raster because it can serve the vector directly to client without render (, then client can use Leaflet of OpenLayer to style and display them.

So below are jobs that I think my server will do:

  • Import/Sync data from OSM to postgresql using osm2pgsql (Maybe one time each month for Asia and America only).

  • Pre-create vector tiles for above data (I'm not sure I need this step or not).

  • Serve vector tiles to client on request.

With above jobs, please help to let me know the minimum hardware requirement. Thank you so much!

Additional, I researched two days and it seems that all the free tile servers only served raster tiles ( That is why I must create a tile server myself with a limited budget:sad:

asked 16 Dec '20, 18:04

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Not really an answer to your question but regarding your last line I believe Mapbox has vector tiles and a free tier.

(16 Dec '20, 20:53) InsertUser

Thanks, I considered Mapbox before, but some people say that Mapbox has a rate limit for maximum tiles each user can download (for offline usage). is it right?

(17 Dec '20, 03:06) bahung1221

I also curious about how they calculate "Active User Monthly", what they say on the pricing page makes me a bit confused. Maybe I should contact them about this question. Anyway, thanks for your help

(17 Dec '20, 03:09) bahung1221

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