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Part of a shut down air field has been converted to an aero-themed art park. The artists have had a field day (pun intended) creating sculptures that stretches over larger areas using different shapes and materials. Good practice for a junior mapper!

The largest area "Farm Fiction" is a symbolic air strip with taller growing and different vegetation than the surroundings. It is a faux air strip, and it is a sculpture.

The art work is a tribute to the air field that once was, so one way could of course be to mark it as memorial/monument rather than sculpture?

Another way would be to specify the area with the given surface and place a sculpure point within the area, but give the area the name of the sculpture?

But for some reason I am not fully satisfied with this solution, as the sculpture is not a point you can go to, but actually an area in real life.

Another sculpture, "Monument SAI" is a symbolic archaeological excavation of an aeroplane; a square concrete lined 30 cm deep depression contains the flattened shape of the plane.

Historic=archaeological_site would be a possibility, but the sculpture is not really historic, and combining the historic tag with tourism=artwork would perhaps raise an eyebrow or two?

It is a sculpture. Its name implies that it is also a monument. It is also a faux archaeological site.

And so the list continues. One could almost suspect that the artists have purposefully created these conundrums for unsuspecting OSM mappers.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help

asked 10 Dec '20, 04:14

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Very confusing story, could you give a link so we can look at satellite pictures. It seems an example which can be solved with a relation marked as archaeological site containing monuments and/or sculptures since the excavation you refer to is a "faux" archaeological site but the airfield itself does qualify as an archaeological site.

(15 Dec '20, 03:12) Bert Araali

Thank you for looking into this. The center of gravitiy for the art is around: 55.71919, 12.38376

I have changed the tags for Monument SAI to historic=memorial as it is only a small monument but still, it is also sort of a faux memorial, since it is not an official memorial.

(15 Dec '20, 07:32) cklnrd

Dear I propose to solve it as follows:

All 6 should be considered as artwork and they belong together as part of the art project "Kunst på Skovlunde Flyveplads", as described on the website. Group all of them together in a cluster or group relation (cluster preferred because used more often, see . Give it as name the name of the project name=Kunst på Skovlunde Flyveplads, and add any additional tags that are common to all. Members of this relation don't need a role. Members can be nodes, ways or areas. All of these members will have tourism=artwork and artwork_type=sculpture on their respective nodes or areas. Don't add these keys to the cluster, as clusters are not intended to group common key features.

This gives you the option to tag the "Monument SAI", drawn as an area with it's primary purpose, namely artwork. Add an additional node in the middle to identify it as a monument. No problem here as it is a single point you can go to. You state it is not an official monument, but I would not bother, as described on the website it is intended as one. In the name of this new node I would describe it as the name also should be unique, suggestion: name=Monument SAI-Skandinavisk Aero Industri A/S memorial. As it refers to an archaeological excavation you could add another new node in the same area and tag it as archaeological site, again with a new name, suggestion: name=Monument SAI-SAI KZ I airplane excavation. I would not add another cluster to this area with it's to new nodes inside. It is obvious they belong together, you just use additional nodes to make it's multi-purpose use clear.

Leaves us with one challenge: "Farm Fiction". It is not referred to on the website as part of the project, so don't include it in the cluster relation. Leave it as is an area tagged as sculpture. You could add a note to it to describe it in some detail.

The site, but correct me if I am wrong, is an old airfield turned into a park/sports centre. It should be considered as a heritage site (see So I would make a relation with type=boundary, boundary=protected_area, protection_class=22, key=heritage(see and create a boundary around the area. Now you can make the artwork cluster relation, and "Farm Fiction" part of it (and any additional areas as you wish), all get the role=inner. Consider adding a single node to add the name and give it the role=label. Give it a unique name and additional common keys.

So to summarize: all items except the monument will have unique tagging. The Monument SAI will have tagging on the area as a sculpture, it's primary purpose, and additional 2 nodes inside identifying it also as a monument and archaeological site. All sculptures are clustered with the projects in which they were created. The site is marked as a heritage site and all artwork, the monument node and archaeological node are part of it.

permanent link

answered 15 Dec '20, 14:40

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Bert Araali
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Many thanks for your (in my opinion) very good suggestions. Wow! I have a steep learning curve ahead. I will make an effort in understanding it fully and implementing it the next few weeks, I hope.

On a side note, Farmfiction (I have corrected my mistake in calling it Farm Fiction) is actually a part of the art project too, though not visible on the municipality's web site. I have linked to the article in the local newspaper describing it in its website tag now. I have yet to discover the "velkommen til skovlunde" installation just North of "i luften". It may have tumbled over and gone missing.

Lastly I am not fully sure that the old airfield is eligible for a full-blown heritage site designation, but I will certainly look closely into it.

Once again, many thanks for your help!

Keep on mapping ;-)

(16 Dec '20, 12:21) cklnrd

You are welcome, wish you success, should you need any more help or clarification come back anytime.

Greetings !

(16 Dec '20, 13:27) Bert Araali
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