Searching using postcode NR20 5NF takes you to the wrong address, a few miles away. This causes endless problems with deliveries going missing.

How do I get this updated? Help Please!

asked 25 Nov '20, 11:50

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Could you indicate where the correct location is? The current result for the post code is

(25 Nov '20, 12:12) SimonPoole ♦


The address is The Poplars, Church Road, Bintree, NR20 5NF. It's the same postcode for The Old Rectory opposite The Poplars on Church Road.

Our neighbour at 1 Cubitts Close, Church Road has the postcode NR20 5NH

(25 Nov '20, 12:29) wkj11

It seems as if you just added I would suggest waiting a bit to see if your change gets reflected in the search results. I suspect that the current results are simply estimated and as a result are simply a bit off.

(25 Nov '20, 12:48) SimonPoole ♦

To confirm: the postcode data is updated once per day in the early morning.

(25 Nov '20, 13:06) SimonPoole ♦

You can also see the current state of postcode mapping for NR20 5 here ( Blue dots represent postcodes where no addresses have been mapped on OSM. Unfortunately yours is one of a very few which is (was) missing. It may take further time to filter down to delivery firms (& in the worst case they may be using a different source).

It's a bit unusual for British postcodes to be so far out because Nominatim uses external sources (CodePoint Open) from the Ordnance Survey for postcodes if they are lacking on OSM.

No matter you've added the address yourself & this should fix the issue on OSM itself.

(25 Nov '20, 16:38) SK53 ♦

There's currently an, unrelated to this question, issue with Nominatim that is in the process of being fixed that has caused for the correction not to show up. I would expect a couple of days for everything to be back to normal.

(26 Nov '20, 13:55) SimonPoole ♦
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The issue has now been rectified. The Ordnance Survey code-point data data that we use as a fallback in the search, was rather far off in this case, adding the postcode directly to our data fixed the issue there where just some unrelated technical issues that led to a delay.

@wkj11 there's currently no building at the location, nor is one visible on the satellite imagery. Should be one there and/or is it a new construction?

permanent link

answered 27 Nov '20, 09:11

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SimonPoole ♦
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edited 27 Nov '20, 11:33

Thank you. Yes,there is a building on this site, constructed approx 2 years ago.

(27 Nov '20, 22:47) wkj11
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