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Do you know what its purpose is? Is it a sign post with the sign missing? Is it some other kind of marker? I think you'd have to figure that out first before you'd be able to figure out how to tag it.

(20 Nov '20, 22:44) alester

I don't know, I forgot to ask what is for, but I asked for it to be removed due to safety concerns, but it's still there after a long time. I think it needs to be mapped. it's near a school, and it's in a popular hiking area. it does not seem to serve any purpose, maybe it was some kind of marker before.

(20 Nov '20, 23:03) mtbboy1993

I would look for some hi-viz foam, tape or used drinks bottle to make it easier to see. If it serves no purpose I would remove it and bin it, or use it to support tomatoes, beans or other plants. Recycle recycle!

(23 Nov '20, 17:16) andy mackey

The area is maintained by the city, I don't have any tools to remove it. but what you wrote is a good idea I guess.

(23 Nov '20, 17:19) mtbboy1993

Most cities, if made aware of a potentially dangerous situation, would, I guess, want to make it safe to avoid a potential injury and the injured getting lawyers involved. So I would notify the city government.

(24 Nov '20, 07:03) andy mackey

opps. looks like i have said similar to martyvis

(24 Nov '20, 07:05) andy mackey

Although this is getting off topic, Try sending the your pic and concerns to the school as well. Much better than anyone getting injured.

(24 Nov '20, 07:12) andy mackey
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Sounds like someone in you local area needs to setup a service like to notify local authorities about issues

permanent link

answered 24 Nov '20, 01:50

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I've notified them about the issue via chat, but now the municipality got new website and municipality has been merged with others. but I don't know if they will do anything about it. I don't think they have a service like snapsendsolve, but thx for sharing, I did not know of it. but for roads there is this: basically the name mean fix my street But I will look into it further.

(24 Nov '20, 04:59) mtbboy1993
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