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Hi there again,

I'm developing an iPad app that allows user to use Apple Pencil or touches to trace line and area. It seems I can't use Apple Maps sat view, so I'm turning to Maxar.

I found the TMS url at here as{zoom}/{x}/{-y}.jpg?connectId=apiKey&foo=standard

But I didn't find the apiKey. Where can I get that?


asked 17 Nov '20, 22:23

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How is this question related to OpenStreetMap ?

(17 Nov '20, 23:29) Vincent de P... ♦

This is more related to developers of OSM. It should be clear how to access imagery if a person want to make an app for OSM

(18 Nov '20, 14:16) strongwillow

You would need to ask Maxar for an key (given that there is a reason why a key is required, I think it is a bit premature to want one at such an early stage). However for development purposes for an OSM related app I would simply use one of the other global layers see (any reasonable OSM editing app should provide a way of selecting different background imagery in any case as depending on source and location quality will vary widely).

Note that there is at least one existing OSM editor for iOS (Go Map!!) that is reasonably popular.

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answered 18 Nov '20, 10:34

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