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In my country, courier companies are considered as alternatives to the postal service. I want to help those who use such services. How do you tag a shop that offers courier services?

asked 09 Sep '11, 12:44

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A courier company is a postal service. The diference is that a courier office might have a better service and higher charge then a postal service. You should tag it with amenity=post_office and brand=*.

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answered 09 Sep '11, 13:16

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The operator=* may be used with, or as an alternative to brand=* see and

(09 Sep '11, 13:38) srbrook

Yeah, definitely operator= not brand= unless we're talking something like operator=USPS brand=First Class Mail for a post office that only accepts letters...

(09 Sep '11, 19:40) Baloo Uriza

I was in Yucca Valley, CA (I love going to Joshua Tree National Park) and in town is combination fabric store, delivery store the shipping part has the name of Mom's Homemade Shipping and have UPS, FedEx and USPS service I tagged it as;

operator=USPS (this seemed to be the primary shipping company)

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answered 14 Sep '11, 20:22

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Usually multiple values for a single key are separated using semicolons.

(14 Sep '11, 20:29) scai ♦

In some countries courier company shops are not considered to be post offices, the distinction is huge. There seems to be some usage of shop=courier, which might apply in this case.

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answered 20 Dec '12, 02:08

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