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I am a beginner. Need to redraw Grandmont neighborhood in Detroit, should be simple edit but I'm not ranked. Way: Grandmont (776791063) Changeset: 89410340

asked 11 Nov '20, 15:11

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Can you add some further explanations? Why do you need to redraw this neighborhood? What is "but I'm not ranked" supposed to mean and why is it a problem?

(11 Nov '20, 15:26) scai ♦

This neighborhood is > 100 years old and Google, Bing, and Mapquest maps of Grandmont all are inaccurate, each with different boundaries. Don't I need authority in order to move neighborhood boundaries?

(11 Nov '20, 16:02) mmccrae
(11 Nov '20, 16:15) mmccrae

I see that you have already made first steps in editing OSM. I suspect you say you are "not ranked" since someone had deleted the neighborhood you had created. Unfortunately, that person did not leave a reason for that but I guess it was because there already was an object for Grandmont in the database and you had created a duplicate.

But don't worry, just give it a new try. Just open the editor, select the object for the landuse=residential object that you had already found and move the points to the right positions. When you are done delete your fixme tag again. Make sure to leave a meaningful changeset comment describing what you did and what the source of your change is (e.g. personal knowledge).

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answered 12 Nov '20, 21:18

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This should be simple but it's not working out for me. I can move the east boundary but the west boundary presently shares with a school, won't let me ove boundary to enclose the school, looks like I'd have to delete the school and re-ad it? And can businesses be inside of a residential neighborhood?

(13 Nov '20, 11:07) mmccrae

Please don't delete the school. You can right-click on one of the shared nodes and klick the icon with the two blue arrows. That separates the objects and you can edit the residential area without changing the school.

Have you followed the beginner tutorial in the iD editor? It should give you some more ideas how to do different things when editing.

The landuse marks the predominant use in the area. It's totally normal that there are businesses inside a residential area and vice versa. The wiki page on landuse gives you some idea on how to map.

(13 Nov '20, 11:24) TZorn

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