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At coordinates 32.60511, -96.95078, there has been some road rerouting. Before, Straus connected directly with Pleasant Run parallel to 1382. There was a small connection between the two roads to connect them with 1382. The changes I was attempting to make was that Straus was being rerouted to connect directly with another Straus road on the south side of 1382 at a four way intersection. There are right turn lanes splitting from Straus on both sides facilitating right turns onto 1382. Pleasant Run was redirected to turn left directly into 1382. I tried making those adjustments, including linking Straus on both sides of 1382 via the link button as well as giving all the roads their proper names and adjusting them so as to identify what kind of roads they are. When I went to save, I got this: "Couldn't upload data: HTTP request error". I tried making the adjustments via Internet Explorer and Firefox without any success. I have provided almost the exact information as to what I did to the map so that you may repeat what I did and, hopefully, inform me of what I did wrong.

asked 09 Sep '11, 06:45

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"Couldn't upload data: HTTP request error" generally indicates that there was a one-off problem with the OpenStreetMap servers at the time that you tried to upload. I've had it a couple of times in the last week. It's not anything that you've done wrong.

Just try to save again afterwards, and hopefully this time it'll "take".

If the problem persists, you'll see a "View data" button in the bottom left of the upload window. You can click this to see the exact data that the editor (Potlatch 2) is sending to the server. If you copy and paste this here, we can take a look and find out if something is going wrong at the editor end of things.

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answered 09 Sep '11, 09:13

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At your suggestion, I tried saving first thing this morning. I still had the same problem. Here is the code:

Pastebin link (moved for clarity)

(09 Sep '11, 16:06) Crcook84

Curious. Potlatch 2 has not been able to get a valid "changeset" (a grouping of edits) from the server. So when it uploads the data, the server rejects it.

It suggests to me that it's not recognising that you're logged in. Are you using the main site? Do you have any weird security software installed?

(09 Sep '11, 17:16) Richard ♦

When I start editing on your map, the URL is: I had thought about the possibility that my version of Firefox might have an issue. But, considering the fact that the final data getting to the server is source code data, I dismissed that possibility. My computer has AVG Anti-Virus installed. But, I have disabled the firewall for both Windows and AVG because we have an AT&T/2WIRE router. As for possible anti-virus interference, AVG would alert me if it took an action against your website (I have followed spam links before and AVG intercepted the website before it could load, it would then ask me what actions I'd want to take.). As for the firewall in the router, I have done testing via broadband speed test websites and have not gotten any message stating that the download/upload server had problems transmitting data to/from this computer. I could setup the router so that it opens up the HTTP port (or which ever port you use) to my computer. But, I don't see why that would suddenly become an issue now.

(09 Sep '11, 20:11) Crcook84

Have you had any more success as to what my problem is?

(11 Sep '11, 00:33) Crcook84

No, I'm afraid not. The only place I've seen this before (apart from one-off failures) is for users who haven't agreed to the Contributor Terms, but as you're a new mapper you will have agreed to them on sign-up. The only suggestion I can offer is that you drop in on the OpenStreetMap chat room at when you're trying to do an upload - there might be a sysadmin there who has access to the server logs and can see exactly what the problem is.

(11 Sep '11, 09:24) Richard ♦

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